Earth Hour 2013 – I Will if You Will Pledges


A busy Earth Hour 2013 with lots going on, and many people choosing to practice this idea throughout the year and make pledges too with “I will if you will” campaign.  Check all the latest activity and news about Earth Hour 2013 in Australia .  Earth Hour 2013 also has a Facebook page, so catch up with it there, or on Twitter.  Watch the latest Earth Hour theme video, too.   There are some good pledges being made, small changes add up to big differences!  Happy Earth Hour 2013.

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Earth Hour 2012 – Every Individual Makes a Difference

Everyone can make a difference this year for Earth Hour 2012, happening this Saturday night at 8.30 pm.  Share the experience with people all over the world, participate from wherever you are, and join in the Earth Hour 2012 sites everywhere.  Below linked is the official video of this year, inviting everyone to take up a challenge.  Even if everyone just went beyond the hour this weekend, and in the coming year, learned more about Nature and how it all works, great new things would be possible.  Follow the seasons, enjoy and preserve the best produce, and take care of traditions for now and later generations to prosper.

Happy Earth Hour to all!

Official Earth Hour 2012 Video

 Earth Hour 2012 – Only Melbourne Event Guide

Report from Herald Sun – 150 Record above 2011

words and image, copyright M. Roleff 2012

(Heirloom Apples and Pears, 2012)

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Traditional Food Methods – Keeping Tradition Alive

It’s interesting to think about what is known about food, and how much more can be added to that by delving into old family traditions, preserving old recipes and having a try at mastering older food traditions.  The many food oriented programmes on TV, and those like Nigella Lawson who bring back earlier traditions to the table, usually put their own individual touches to recipes, or ones their mothers prepared.  In this way, the connection with the old is not lost, merely adapted to what suits now.  There just isn’t the time in the day to make cheese, for example, and it might be best left to the professionals who know how to do it right, like Pat Morford of Rivers Edge Chevre in Oregon.  In this story, a quick view video from Rebecca and Fred Gerendasy’s  Cooking Up a Story, she explains the process few would know about, and that knowledge makes her status as an artisan cheese maker sound.  Yet this knowledge would not have been common in her era, and she probably had to dig it out.  Slow Food’s Carlo Petrini talks about his belief in protecting traditional food sources, and food heritage, and those beliefs have spread throughout the world over the past decade and Australia has its own preservation body connected with this, The Australian Ark of Taste, which makes good reading and is part of Slow Food Australia.  Similar preservation bodies exist around the world, especially in Europe, and the idea is that nothing is lost, and that food traditions can endure into the next generations.  Pat Morford, on her property where she farms goats in humane and quality ways, builds on the tradition each season, creating artisan cheeses that please people.  Even if people don’t all have the time to make what ancestral cultures did, it is gratifying to know at least someone is doing this, and that they are doing it well.  In this way, food culture is protected and is enjoyed by future generations.  Cooking up a Story is full of fascinating media on food and all things connected with food tradition, highly recommended, as are Slow Food sites around the world, for more on preserving global food heritage.

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Sustainable Success – Earth Hour 2011

Without a doubt, Earth Hour 2011 continues as a great success,

with groundbreaking new meaning as more world cities take part.

Energy suppliers in Sydney Australia reported a 12 per cent reduction

in power usage during Earth Hour 2011.

Here are some great links which show the extent to which places

have been inspired to take part in this global iniative, started in

Sydney Australia 2007:

Los Angeles California

New Delhi India



and many more. 

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Earth Hour 2011 – Beyond the Hour


Earth Hour happens Saturday 26th March 8.30 pm,

for this year, 2011.  A wonderful initiative to create

awareness of energy use and the invitation this year

is to go beyond the hour.  All contributions to this

event are making a difference.  Here’s to another successful

Earth Hour event for 2011.  More updates to follow…



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(image copyright – Cornflowers and Gold in the Sun – as above.)

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Kale Recipe – Twice Baked Irish Potatoes

Seeing the post on Kale was so popular, here is a simple

Irish recipe using Kale from Ivy Manning, Food Writer,

showing how her decendants made it into

 a dish for the whole family.  Ivy adds Stout to the onions

 while they are cooking, which adds a rich,

sweet flavour to the ingredients.  It is probably worth

 the time it takes to make, as just watching it makes

 you hungry.  If anyone makes it, let me know!!  Enjoy.

Another wonderful film from

Executive Producer, Rebecca Gerendasy, from

CookingUpAStory fame.

P.S. Lori Gloyd felt so inspired by the post and comments

that she created her own variation to the above recipe

on her blog, take a look!

 Kale Leaves Growing

(copyright Monika Roleff 2010.  Copyright rests with respective authors, used with permission.)

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Incredibly Tasty Kale

Great short film on incredible Kale, an amazingly

tasty leaf vegetable related to the brassica family.  Kale

is full of vitamins, and tastes fantastic in winter dishes, and

as seen in the video, tastes great raw, especially the

stalk, so don’t throw it in the compost!

Ivy Manning, “Farm to Table Cookbook” author, goes into the field

for Cooking Up a Story and talks to

Shari Sirkin of Dancing Roots Farm who gives

lots of valuable clues on the benefits and uses of

this versatile leafy vegetable.  Another

great story from Rebecca Gerendasy, Executive Producer

 of the brilliant  Cooking Up A Story, Portland, Oregon.


Leafy Kale

(copyright Monika Roleff 2010.)

(copyright video  Cooking Up a Story, 2010.  Used with permission.)

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