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Earth Day!

Wishing everyone around the globe a happy earth day.

Google is all dressed up for the occasion, and here are

some links from around the world, about what is happening

on this day:

Earth Day Network

Earth Day Quiz

Newsbreak – Green Resource

Earth Day Positive News

And a most positive link just submitted by Rebecca Gerendasy of

CookingUpAStory that will amaze!


Also on the same theme,

a brilliant article by Fred Gerendasy, Rebecca’s partner in film

on the same idea: SkyVegetables – A Brilliant Notion.

Have a great one, wherever you are.

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April 22, 2008 at 4:16 pm 5 comments

Real Food Logic – Part Three

Further on in a series on food by Rebecca Gerendasy,

director of CookingUpAStory films, consider the views

discussed in Part Three of a dialogue and talk by

Michael Pollan about his latest book on real food and the logic of

it, as opposed to some modern scientific substitutes. 

Focussing on real food, and the reasons for eating which

include cultural and pleasure aspects so vital to nutrition

and well being.

“In Defense of Food” is valuable reading for anyone

interested in keeping vital foods “whole”.   It’s linked

in the sidebar, on Amazon.  This is a fascinating discussion,

as good nutrition concerns everyone, offering

some real food logic.

(copyright Monika Roleff 2008.)

(copyright cooking up a story, 2008.)

April 21, 2008 at 9:58 am 3 comments

Green Roof Reality


MSNBC Green Roof Chicago News

In this linked article from Caroline at, it’s plain to see

the value of green roofing ideas, and good evidence for

their usefulness.  Some of the benefits listed are the decrease of pollution

and storm runoff, which are definite positives.  If you have ever

been caught in a sudden city deluge you will appreciate this! 

Green Walls and roofs

are becoming something real.

For a take on residential green roofs, this link was

supplied by Joanne, of a quirky woodland style

home with a totally green roof in Wales, UK.

(copyright Monika Roleff 2008.)

April 16, 2008 at 3:46 pm 10 comments

Vertical Garden Store and Green Roofs

In addition to the post regarding vertical gardens on walls in urban areas…thrilled to see a very stylish example on the Firth’s eco conscious store in London adopting the idea.  Learned about the store, Eco Age, on which is a great resource for all things green and emerging!  As can be seen from the photograph of the exterior of the store, the upper story is clothed in a very calming green, beautiful to see in the city. shows other examples of greenery being incorporated into building design on roofs.  Featured on the link are some stunning photographs, expanding on this brilliant idea.

(copyright Monika Roleff 2008.)

April 7, 2008 at 6:19 pm 8 comments


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