Backyard Activity – Chicken Coop Tours!

Great short video on some really amazing people in Portland, Oregon

who love chickens so much they organize tours of the neighbourhood

chicken coops!  Jeffry Crinklaw is so into his own coop project that he

inspires other people to try their own.  He also says it’s important to

get a partner involved, as it’s a fun thing to do together.  There

are some great tips and visuals here to ponder on, and proves

chickens are back in the neighbourhood.  Many thanks for this

inspiring story to Cooking Up A Story, where Executive Producer,

Rebecca Gerendasy, brings all the best food news to the world. 

(copyright Monika Roleff 2010.)

(copyright Cooking Up a Story, 201o.  Used with permission.)


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Preserving Heritage Works

The matter of the right ways of preserving heritage in a

sustainable way often poses problems that seem impossible

to surmount.  Rebecca Gerendasy from the brilliant

Cooking up a Story filmed this piece about the Imperial Stock

Ranch in Oregon, where Dan and Jeanne Carver tell of

their own story in preserving the ranch, and how they did it.

(copyright Monika Roleff 2010.)

(copyright CookingUpAStory, 2010.)

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Earth Hour Results 2010

Earth Hour 2010 is up and running, and many places have put on stunning displays during the lights out hour. Here is a selection of links,
showing who is doing what globally during Earth Hour 2010:

Earth Hour 2010 – Update Stats and Results from WWF

Earth Hour 2010 – ABC Online

Earth Hour 2010 – Associated Press

Earth Hour 2010 – Wikipedia

Earth Hour 2010 – Sydney Morning Herald

This event takes place each year, and

involves 120 different countries.

(copyright Monika Roleff, 2010)

(Image – Night Lilacs, as above.)

(Link copyrights rest with their creators.)

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Earth Hour 2010 – Official Video

Great new links from Earth Hour 2010!

Lights out 8.30 pm, Saturday 27th March, 2010.

Official Video

Official TV Commercial

Global Channel Viewing


(copyright Monika Roleff 2010.)

 (image – full moon, as above.)

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Earth Hour 2010

Earth Hour comes around again, for 2010, with

a host of new participants around the globe.

Join the world as it turns off the lights on

Saturday 27th March (Southern Hemisphere)

at 8.30 pm for one hour.

(copyright Monika Roleff 2010.)

(image “Summer Geraniums”, as above.)

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Urban Fruit Abundance – Gleaning


Expanding on the theme of leftovers, it is interesting to see the

practice of gleaning becoming popular in urban areas.   Many local

councils spend time and money removing wasted fruits from street

trees and public areas, and it really seems wasteful this vitamin

packed food just ends up in the bin. 

Now, with new solutions,  old apple trees are used and also intentionally

planted in urban places like railway stations, where they can be

eaten on the way to work.  Waste only seems to cost money in the long

run and when the value of a long awaited fruit harvest is known, people

are more prepared to savour it and use it, rather than let it go waste

in urban places.  Ceres has some great ideas on urban fruit supply in

inner Melbourne, where a haven has been created minutes from the city.

This interesting and common sense video, “Urban Fruit Gleaning” is

produced by Rebecca Gerendasy from the brilliant CookingUpAStory.

(Please wait a moment for the correct video to auto upload.)

(copyright Monika Roleff 2009.)

(copyright CookingUpAStory, 2009.)

(Image – Gleaned lemons via a very kind friend.)

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Loving the Leftovers


Great food is often left over, or comes through from friends who have too much of something, and it’s naturally shared around.  As a result of Jonathan Bloom’s videos, ideas about leftovers have been talked about in the comments.  Here are some handy hints and leftover recipes, which is fast becoming a trend in the food and produce world.  Don’t be shy to try something new and do recipes for preserving type foods that keep in the pantry for ages.

Cookery Circle UK – Ideas for Using Up Leftovers

This link has some great storage tips and ideas as well as good recipes.

The Leftover Chef USA – Great Leftover Recipe Finder

This link has leftovers by category, so you choose what you have and then find what to do with it.

Love Food, Hate Waste UK – Great Recipe Resource and Info

This link focuses on recipes that reduce waste and encourages user interaction.


(copyright Monika Roleff 2009)

(Image – Surplus Crabapples.)


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